Sunday, September 19, 2010


The purpose of this blog is to keep our family and friends updated on our son, our feelings and emotions, and our journey as it progresses. Thanks for all of the support that you have all provided up to this point it truly means so much. I know that without you guys we wouldn't of made it this far.

Our next appt. is Tuesday, we will be seeing the pediatric cardiologist in Springfield and hope to learn more about the current diagnosis. He will be doing a detailed ultrasound of the babies heart and then we will talk with him about which hospital he thinks will be best for us and our unborn son. We are currently looking into either Kansas City or St. Louis not sure which one yet. Its going to be a long hard road but worth every second once we get to hold him for the first time. I will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available to us.

There isn't alot to update on right now except that after so much going back and forth we have FINALLY named our little boy. Since Adam love Jaxson so much we have decided to give our son 2 middle names. The newest member of the Everett family is...Parker Jaxon-Phoenix. As if the little guy doesn't have enough problems we give him a name that is complicated as well! I guess as he grows he can decide which middle name he prefers (I secretly know he will choose Phoenix).

Well its about game time and I need to feed this little monster inside of me! Little Parker is going to need some energy for all the cheering he is about to do, I already feel him stretching, kicking and jumping in preparation for the Chiefs next win here in a few hours!!!

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  1. Parker, Grandma just wants to let you know just how much you are loved by so many people, especially by your mommy and daddy. I can not wait until you are here, I try to picture who you will look like, if you will have blonde curly hair like your moms or light fine hair like your daddy had when he was born. Anyway I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. I love so much and can't wait until you are here. Love, Grandma Sandi.