Sunday, September 19, 2010

A beautiful poem

I found this poem on another site written by a father I thought it was beautiful

My Son

My Son was born on a warm summer’s day
With me pacing the floor in a proud dad’s normal way
Not knowing of challenges that were still yet to come
That would change my life in more ways than one

Holding my son for the first time I cried
Thinking of all of the years that his mommy and I tried
Still not knowing how sick and tired he would be
After his heart was wearing out even before week three

We were going home and it was just a day away
When something happened that almost ended our day
The doctor came in and showed us his heart
The news was so shocking it tore my life apart

The shock so horrible and the news so bad
My life was now ending I was wishing that it had
Our journey had begun one we didn’t want to start
How a boy as sweet as him could be born with half a heart

It must be a bad dream and it can’t possibly be fair
For a moment life stood still as we looked with a blank stare
I was numb all over and my tears dried on my face
Our doctor had informed us to get ready for the race

It would take our emotions from valleys to peaks
One day we are happy to the next no one speaks
We prayed God would show David mercy and grace
As we sat down to ponder with a look of fear on our face

We made it through the Norwood with help from up above
God surrounded us with people that we would grow to love
Those people were doctors and nurses and family and such
That showed our family they cared with the love in their touch

After a month of a struggle for our little guy
We were allowed to take him home with a gleam in his eye
I remember like it was yesterday as I welled up with tears
My eyes kept filling up it seemed like for years

Happiness filled the room as we started to pack
Still not knowing the future or what to expect
I gained my composure and prepared to go home
Not knowing it had changed me and my life yet to come

For you see spreading awareness has become my whole life
Not wanting a parent to have to suffer this strife
We have been through so much I still think we have won
Because everyday I wake up I still have MY SON

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